Prof Minxuan Zhang
Professor, Shanghai Normal University, China

Prof. Minxuan ZHANG, PhD (University of Hong Kong), Director of Teacher Education Center under the auspices of UNESCO, and Director of Center for International Education Studies and Consultation, Ministry of Education, China. Prof. Zhang concentrates his career on education, served as a school teacher, a principle, a scholar and a government officer, worked as President of Shanghai Normal University, Director of Research Institute for International and Comparative Education of Shanghai Normal University, a university think tank of Shanghai, Deputy Director-general of the Education Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government, President of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences and president of Shanghai Experimental School.

As Shanghai PISA and TALIS NPM (National Project Manager), he studied Shanghai education system in a global perspective and Shanghai’s PISA & TALIS result attracts the world’s interest. As a consultant of UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, he worked for education development in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. The U.S., UK, Finland and Australia Governments invited Prof. Zhang to share the experience of Shanghai Education development and was invited as an adviser of IIEP and now a board member of UIL, UNESCO.