Prof Hanyao Shen
Professor, Shanghai Warton Economic Institute

Shen Hanyao, born in 1954, graduated from the Graduate School of Nanjing University. He has taught at Tongji University and East China University of Science and Technology. He is now the dean of the Wharton Economic Research Institute (Shanghai Wharton Economic Management Consulting Firm), the chairman of the China Top 100 Listed Companies Summit Forum, and has won the highest award in the Chinese economics circle——-Sun Yefang Economics prize.

Shen Hanyao’s main research fields are urban and regional development, industrial economy, macroeconomics, currency and finance, etc. He has made original contributions to the planning and research of major projects such as Shanghai Pudong Development, Greater Hongqiao Development, and China International Import Expo.
Significant contributions have also made important contributions to the reform of China’s labor and employment system, financial reform, and enterprise development. Published “New Shanghai Development Research”, “Operation Guide for Operators’ Shareholding–Theory, Policy, Practice and Cases”, “Green Economy–Theory, Policy and Practice”, “New Theory of Institutional Economics” “, “Scientific Development Theory” and other works, published hundreds of papers such as “Theory of New Broad Currency”, “On the New Gold Standard”, “On the Four Major Industries”, “Reform of Enterprise Labor and Employment System”, “Concept of Great Hongqiao Development Strategy” and so on.

Shen Hanyao is not only proficient in theoretical research, but also familiar with practical operations. He has served as China National Gold Group, Baosteel Group, Bailian Group, China Eastern Airlines Group, Construction Bank, Bank of China, Shanghai Airport Group, 900 Group, Germany Allianz Insurance, Indonesia Sinan Group, Consultants and consulting experts of Mori Foundation of Japan, JP Morgan Chase, McKinsey & Company and other institutions.

In terms of industrial economy, Shen Hanyao has made effective strategic plans for Shanghai’s high-tech industry, automobile industry, aviation logistics industry, integrated circuit industry, Jiangsu Province’s industrial system, and Suzhou’s textile industry.

In terms of urban economy, Shen Hanyao has carried out strategic planning for Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Center, Xujiahui Commercial Center, Hongqiao Business District and other landmark projects, as well as the development of Suzhou City and Wuxi Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Belt, and introduced important resources for them, such as for Lujiazui introduced the Mori Consortium to build China’s tallest building – the World Financial Center, and helped Wuxi City set up a 73.7 billion yuan industrial fund.

Shen Hanyao also founded and presided over a number of high-level forums with important influence, such as the China-Malaysia Summit Forum attended by the Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers of China and Malaysia, the Top 100 Summit Forum of China’s Listed Companies held for 21 consecutive sessions, and the China Top 100 Summit Forum held for 7 consecutive sessions.

Strong City Comprehensive Development Forum, etc.