Ms Dawn Teo
CEO, Shine Edtech

Ms. Dawn Teo spent 20 years in banking & finance covering retail banking as well as corporate & institutional banking. She has held positions as Deputy Head of Operations Asia as well as Head of Operational Risk. Through her years in banking, she spent many years leading major change management projects. In 2015, she left J.P Morgan AG & the corporate life to want to contribute more to society and started working with institutionalised youths at risk in Singapore. What started as volunteering, evolved into an award winning social enterprise in Asia 3 years after. Coupled with experience in corporate change management, Dawn founded a tech startup SHINE Edtech partnering with AI experts & education psychologists, with the goal to leverage on research and advanced technologies to empower every learner to discover their own uniqueness in learning so that they can achieve their fullest potential. The SHINE Edtech team consists majorly of young people with the same belief & vision that using our competencies, we can do something great in our generations to bridge social immobility across Asia.