Ms Jun Pan

Vice President & CEO of Fazheng Group; Chairperson of Beijing Royal Charity Foundation; FWE Board Member

PAN Jun (潘军) is the co-founder of Fazheng Group and a core member of the Board of Directors. She is responsible for the implementation of major business decisions and policies, actively promotes and leads the Group’s strategic transformation and business upgrading. With her entrepreneurship, Fazheng Group has forged its way in education and healthcare, successfully built Beijing Royal School, the first private K-12 international school in China, and Beijing Royal Integrative Medicine Hospital, the first private 3-A comprehensive hospitals in Beijing. Her commitment to improve corporate governance and internal management structures has empowered the Group to rise as a leader and pacesetter in a rapidly growing market.

In order to achieve greater international impact, Fazheng Group under her leadership has aligned its development plans with the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, the Group has set up international offices in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Boston, Massachusetts in the United States; London in the United Kingdom, Paris in France, and Rangoon in Myanmar. It is also prepared to establish new schools in the United States. Fazheng Group has forged strategic partnership with UNESCO, UN Women and other international organizations to promote equity in education, gender equality, and life-long learning.

In addition, Ms. PAN is committed to public welfare, and has founded Beijing Royal Charity Foundation (BRCF), an organization focused on promoting equity and innovation in education, bringing up global citizens who think globally and act locally.
Being the Chairwoman of BRCF, she gives constant support to cutting-edge research projects in education and works to leverage information technology to implement China’s targeted poverty alleviation strategy. Under her leadership, the BRCF funded mobile learning projects were selected by UNESCO as one of the world’s best projects in mobile learning.

Ms. PAN is one of the initiators and founders of the Forum for World Education (FWE) and was deeply involved in the inaugural event held in OECD headquarters in Paris. On behalf of Fazheng Group, she also provides broad support to major FWE events.

Meanwhile, Ms. PAN is actively engaged in industry research and think tanks development. Ms. PAN established Research Institute of International Education South-South Cooperation in partnership with the Council for Promoting South-South Cooperation. Since 2017, she has published a series of research papers, including five blue books on Chinese International Schools, and three reports on Education for International Understanding.