Mr Aik Yang Ng
Co-founder, HoloTracker

Aik’s journey as an educational entrepreneur started when he was 15 years old. In the last decade, he has worked with over 15,000 students, teachers and school leaders on educational innovation projects in Southeast Asia, Europe and East Africa.

His mission is to create a world where everyone lives to their full joyous potential, in an equitable way. Yet, one central problem exists: there exists no means measuring and articulating whole-person growth today. This led him to co-found HoloTracker – an AI-assisted tool that helps schools measure and articulate student’s holistic development. It helps spotlight whole-person growth for every individual learner in schools, in workplaces, and more.

The HoloTracker team is currently in discussions with the MOE in Singapore for a nationwide roll-out in Singapore, and is now also gaining traction across Asia and beyond.

Trained as an anthropologist, Aik is also an active collaborator to cross-cultural learning conferences and informal education projects around the world.