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26th & 27th May 2023
Harbour Grand Kowloon,HongKong

Please join us for the FWE 2023 regional symposium in Hong Kong on May 26th and 27th, 2023. Distinguished individuals from various sectors in business, higher education, policymaking, research and innovation, as well as promising young leaders and entrepreneurs from across the world, will participate in this event. The purpose of the symposium is to engage in a dialogue about how international education can serve as a fundamental element in promoting global proficiency in both the workplace and society, particularly in light of the emergence of economic and technological trends.

What to expect

The FWE 2023 regional conference in Hong Kong promises to be an exciting and innovative event that will showcase perspectives from both established business executives and university presidents, as well as young entrepreneurs and innovators. Esteemed business executives and university presidents will share their insights on how international education can foster global proficiency in the workplace and society. At the same time, the conference will provide a platform for young entrepreneurs and innovators to share their experiences and ideas from a grassroots level. This dynamic mix of top-down and ground-up perspectives promises to spark creative solutions and cutting-edge approaches to global competency. Attendees can look forward to engaging in lively discussions, networking with fellow professionals, and gaining practical knowledge that can be applied in their respective fields. The FWE 2023 regional conference is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of international education and its transformative impact on the world.

About FWE

The Forum for World Education (FWE) is a non-profit global organization with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and with operations in major cities around the world. Its mission is “to transform education in answer to the skills and knowledge requirements of current and future global society, its economic growth, societal progress and sustainability.”

FWE aims to provide an inclusive setting for business and thought leaders to engage in an ambitious and far-reaching conversation about the future of education and the workforce, as well as to play a catalytic role in transforming education systems to better equip the new generation with the knowledge, skills, and mindset for a challenging and rapidly changing world.

FWE is nonpartisan, operating with impartiality while serving as an activator for change. As such, FWE provides a unique platform for elevating the dialogue and cooperative activity of business leaders with policy makers and researchers in transforming education for the benefit of the individual and society.

The FWE inaugural conference was held in 2019 with the theme of “The Future of Education: Where do we go from here?” at the OECD Conference Center in Paris (FWE Paris). In December 2022, after a pandemic hiatus, FWE joined efforts with Thailand’s CP Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world, to host FWE’s 2nd annual Conference with the theme of “How can we shape the future of education to match global economic trends?” at the C.P. Group Leadership Institute (CPLI), near Bangkok (FWE Thailand).

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Important Information

The 2 day conference takes place at Harbour Grand Kowloon in Hong Kong on 26th & 27th May, 2023


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